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Where it all Started:

Laura started Happiest Vacations more than a decade ago. Having a background in journalism, marketing, and business strategy well-prepared her for the travel planning industry. Laura’s love for travel and her Type A personality guaranteed she would be successful in this industry. Back then, Laura took every client request. The feedback she received was overwhelmingly positive. Referrals started pouring in! When the sheer volume of requests made it too difficult to continue without additional help, Laura started adding travel advisors to her team.

Where we are Now:

Today, Happiest Vacations is a boutique travel agency specializing in luxury and romance travel. While each travel advisor receives extensive destination training and travels to specific destinations, they are always prepared to handle any request.

Happiest Vacations Advisors

Laura Studebaker

Owner & President
Specializing in Romance Travel (Honeymoons, Anniversaries & Weddings) and Group Trips

Megan Barton Juker

Vacation Advisor Specializing in Cruises and Caribbean Resorts

Kara Parkhurst

Vacation Advisor Specializing in Theme Park Trips and packaged European Tours

Abby Gibson

Vacation Advisor Specializing in vacations to Mexico, Central America & South America

Myesha Sharpe

Vacation Advisor specializing in Luxury European Vacations

Kaelin Bursh

Vacation Advisor specializing in Disney Vacations

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