Kipu Kai

The Charm of Idyllic Kauai

Kauai is known as the Garden Isle for good reason.  Its lush landscape is idyllic, and it is a reminder of old Hawaii.

In fact, Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands.  They say it was formed some 5.1 million years ago, which means it is older than the next oldest Hawaiian Island, Oahu, by 2-3 million years.  Yet, it is one of the least inhabited of the habitable Hawaiian islands, and it is one of the least commercial – for sure!

The Garden Isle is welcoming to visitors, and you might feel more like Ohana on Kauai than on any other island.  That’s because its small population, shy of 74K as of this post, all seem to know one another (or at least know someone who knows you).  You will almost definitely stick out like a tourist if you don’t know anyone on the island, but you will also quickly make friends.

We were lucky to visit Kauai after a very heavy rainfall this April 2024.  The average rainfall in the tourist areas of Kauai is 30-40 inches per year.  The climate is tropical, and they experience two seasons – wet and dry!  But if you happen to visit during a bout of rain, never fear: the Sun is shortly on the way.  And the best part is, there are awesome activities for rainy days – even if you want to stay inside.

One of the highlights of our visit was a trip to the Kauai Museum.  The guide, Frankie, was as friendly and warm as he was knowledgeable about the museum’s artifacts.  The small museum houses some really interesting pieces, including artifacts from the sunken yacht of King Lulalilo and an entire room dedicated to the various immigrant populations on Kauai – including the Filipino, Chinese, and Portuguese farm workers.  There is also a lovely gift shop onsite, which houses some of the most beautiful handmade, local, items.

For those wanting a romantic getaway, Kauai is one of the best places to disconnect and relax.  Its beautiful, golden sand beaches and phenomenal ocean sunrises and sunsets make for a picture-perfect honeymoon or anniversary trip.  You can take a sunset cruise or even a helicopter ride to the Na’ Pali Coast, where you will see one of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes.  It’s just the ideal getaway for a couple in love.

Our certified Hawaii specialists are more than happy to assist with planning your Kauai vacation.  This idyllic paradise is one that you should not miss!

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